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Can Friendships last in toxic environments? How do we sustain and find healthy friendships?

Updated: Sep 24

Next to our personal relationships we have friendships. They grow us into our better selves or set us back so far it seems like you can never get to a better place. Friends are great to have, but before we can have and keep them, we must be the kind of friend we want in our own lives. Some friendships you should always be working to make better, and some you let dissipate because they are toxic. Everyone that come into your life won’t be a long term friend, some come for a season, so don’t beat yourself up because you had to de-friend someone. Learn the (4) types of Friendships and how to make them work in your life. How to be a better friend and recognize those that really don’t have your best interest. Go Radio Interviews Tab or to my Facebook Page for full 2-hr Show.

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