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Should you Discipline your kids the way you were Raised?

Updated: Sep 24

RELATIONSHIPS with our KIDS are important, but how we DISCIPLINE can drive them CLOSER or FURTHER away.

A recent IG video went viral showing a father disciplining his teenage daughter while the step-mother videoed the incident and posted it to IG. The verbal and physical tactics they both used against the teen was seen as violent and abusive. The father followed up with another video claiming this was not child abuse. Lauren Hill’s daughter also made a statement of abuse about her mom but many viewers of the her video disagreed. CLICK TO VIEW. Original post removed from IG

If you’re from the old school when paddling was acceptable in schools, then you know about serious discipline, and not just from your parents, but from neighbors and other family members. There was even paddling in schools and another one when you got home. It took an entire neighborhood to raise kids.

QUESTIONS from Listening Viewers

1.) How do you discipline your child without being abusive?

2.) Do you discipline your children differently based on their personalities and behavior traits?

3.) Has disciplining your teen caused them to not want a relationship with you?

4.) Do others see your discipline as abuse, but you don’t?

5.) Should you discipline your kids/teens or not.

6.) How to discipline an out of control teen without going to jail?

7.) Were you abused growing up, if so, how did it affect your relationship with your parent(s)?

Go to Radio Interview s TAB to Watch full 2-hr discussion on this topic with commercials and call-in Listeners.

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